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Global Marketing


Integrated Marketing

Connect with famous influencers to strengthen brand power more and increase product sales by entering local communities.
Setoworks is waiting for you to prepare various marketing services for global funding so that our customers' products can succeed in the global market.

Video Production

We Film and edit high-quality videos that are effective in the global market. Our expert from the biggest production company will create product videos that can be used in the global crowdfunding and distribution market.

Influencer Marketing

We analyze your product characteristics and contact the global influencer for the target market to create maximum effectiveness with optimal marketing costs.

Email Marketing

We promote your product and service by sending professional emails and mobile messages through our email marketing experts.

Global Media PR

We submit and distributes articles with creative contents and writings to major global medias for promotion.

Global community marketing

Beyond the traditional media, we promote your product and service through major communities (including US Reddits) and media communities to create brand awareness and more exposure.

Brand licensing / partnership consulting

Are you concerned about business items? Or Do you want famous foreign brands or exclusive distributorship and licensing to import innovative products? Setoworks can help you all of this.

Social/Online marketing

Based on our database and experiences, we establish and proceed with effective SNS and online channel advertising marketing strategies for global backers

(Marketing Media Channels)