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Product Development

Setoworks does not only work with crowdfunding of the already developed products, but also helps the planning and development of new products that can succeed in the local market based on the experience of major countries such as the United States, Japan, China, and Taiwan.

Our Experience

Setoworks has developed the Home Lab Dyson trigger power button, which sold about 10,000 units in Korea and abroad after the crowdfunding campaign, and successfully developed the Swiftle's valve, which achieved about $260k USD in crowdfunding campaign alone.


Setoworks succeeded in global crowdfunding with about $42k(USD) through its own product sourcing. For any individuals and companies that want to conduct a crowdfunding campaign, we provide services regarding consulting and manufacturing new products that fit.


Setoworks also signed an agreement with the Seoul Business Agency (SBA) and Hi Seoul Business Association in July 2020 to promote global crowdfunding through the development of new products. Setoworks currently helping many SMEs in Korea.
Understand the global trend of products and increase the success rate of the crowdfunding campaign through market research and product development from Setoworks.