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Best and Largest in Korea
Six Global Countries
One-Stop Service

Setoworks has a unique system that can carry out a global crowdfunding project for your product with one-stop in six countries, including Korea, the United States, Japan, China, Taiwan, and Australia at the same time.

#1 in Korea
We’ve raised globally

$10 + Million(USD)
from 200 + Projects
with 170K + Backers

With years of experiences and accumulated data,
Setoworks will maximize the success rate of your crowdfunding project.

Easy and Simple
From A to Z

Don’t get stressed about the process and works for your project. From the planning to shipping and delivery, Setoworks provides a variety of services such as story writing, marketing, C/S based upon on the client’s need

Why Setoworks?


One Stop Service

Setoworks helps start-ups, small and medium-sized venture companies’ ideas and innovative products to launch on various global crowdfunding platforms.



We analyze important factors such as risks and country-specific characteristics to increase the probability of a project's success using our enormous crowdfunding data from successful campaigns


Proven Results

Setoworks has provided more than 200 global crowdfunding & consulting services. We have the most successful cases among domestic(Korea) crowdfunding agencies.


Marketing Solution

We identify and analyze the individual characteristics of backers on each platform. In addition, we establish the best marketing solution through different marketing strategies for each country based on the characteristics.



Setoworks has the largest number of crowdfunding experts from diverse backgrounds among domestic funding agencies. local professionals will help you prepare for the fund yourself.


Distribution Channel

Are you considering global distribution and sales after a successful crowdfunding campaign? We support your distribution and market expansion through Setoworks' global network and partners.

프로젝트 성공을 위한 체크리스트

[quform id=”1″ name=”당신의 프로젝트는 무엇입니까?”]


Eye exerciser with innovative vision therapy technology



Cubiio 2

New history of Laser Cutter/Engraver




Innovation of hand free portable fan



CCC Rider Jacket

Classic meets sensational comfort



Neck Supporter

Adjust your body shape and posture




Fashionable 250g weight band for all condition



Expert Toolkit(달인공구)

12 in 1 toolkit for anyone from amateur to Pro



Kolude K1

All-in-One Keyhub Keyboard




Magical Vacuum container for your coffee beans.




The world’s first head-type water cleaner




Chargeless Lint Remover



세토웍스와 함께하세요.

“I recommend to work with Setoworks”

YoungJae Kim

(CEO of Whynot retail design / Lyfit)

The biggest advantage of Setoworks was that we could directly launch another crowdfunding campaign in other countries and platforms right after the end of the first one. Because of Setoworks’ expert knowledge in this field from numerous experiences, we were able to finish the crowdfunding campaign successfully without any unnecessary trials and errors.

“Satisfied with process and progress”

Bowon Jang

(CEO of P&J / ALL7)

I felt Setoworks was like a talented chef who could deal with various flavors while I was working with them. I look forward to working with Setoworks again near future.

“We want our new product to work with Setoworks”

Sungjoon Bae

(CEO of Auzen Global / AG Lens Cleaner)

While I was preparing a crowdfunding campaign in Korea, I was also considering another crowdfunding campaign in other countries at the same time. I was able to succeed through Setoworks. Thanks to Setoworks for reliability and smooth progress in all the campaign processes and procedures. We would like to work on another successful campaign with Setoworks in the future.

“Although it was our first time, It went very smooth!”

Heesoo Kim

(CEO of Mad Sapiens inc / Deeproller)

I've had meetings with various companies, but it was hard to find a partner that was trustworthy like Setoworks and carried out everything in one-stop from beginning to end. It was my first challenge, but I was glad it went very smoothly. We will launch other products near future and will continue to work with Setoworks to introduce our products to the global market.

“With Setoworks, I expect successful result in global market!”

Minkoo Lee

(CEO of CPD Group / Cam.G)

세토웍스와 마쿠아케 크라우드펀딩와을 함께했습니다. 세토웍스는 시장의 수요를 바탕으로 정확한 컨텐츠와 마케팅을 진행할 수 있는 훌륭한 기업이라 생각합니다. 글로벌 역량을 바탕으로 미국과 중국, 대만에서 글로벌 펀딩 전문 기업으로의 성공이 기대됩니다.

“Setoworks is the best partner!”


(CEO of Shiken / Soladey)

Starting with Korea crowdfunding, we are continuing to collaborate with Setoworks on other products as well. All the process was very smooth without any problem. After the crowdfunding campaign, we were able to connect to distribution in Korea through Setoworks. If you are a global company dreaming of entering the Korean market, I highly recommend Setoworks.

“Trustworthy Expertise, Great Communication”


(CEO of SIRIUS / Switle)

I think I was lucky to work with Setoworks. Setoworks helped make things easier and much more successful. And they were quick to bring solutions using their expertise whenever there were problems.

“Setoworks helped us a lot for entering the global market.”

Hanal Cho

(CEO of Pureplan / Neck Supporter)

We’ve worked on 3 crowdfunding campaigns with Setoworks, and they helped us to enter the global market. The most helpful part was that the experts from each different crowdfunding platform taking care of the parts that could not be done by us such as localized storylines that fit the specific culture. We will continue to work with Setoworks in the future for our further expansion in the global market through crowdfunding.

What Our Clients Say :

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